Dr Brando was started by Bill Schlosser at the end of 2014, after a successful 8-year tenure at NAVIS and 4 years at Escapia where he served as vice president of marketing. Dr Brando embodies a team of skilled marketers with expertise spanning every discipline - logos, tag lines, email, direct mail, graphic design, promotions, product launches, public relations, websites, PPC, social media, events, collateral, and taxidermy (just kidding on that last one). And, oh yeah, we can come up with some really creative ideas.

A self-described "Brand Master", Bill has more than 3 decades of marketing experience and still considers himself a student of marketing. "I'm always learning new things and am especially attracted to the concept of branding and what it can do for companies when executed properly."

Bill has worked with hundreds of clients around the world in technology, retail, and e-commerce, and was instrumental in helping to position NAVIS as a leader in the vacation rental management, hotel, and resort markets.

Bill has a degree in electrical engineering (weird, huh?), was once a golf caddie and an actor in commercials (even weirder), and is now a tech geek, husband, father, grandfather, and acts like a silly head...but has always been a marketer at heart.

Dr Brando is based in Alabama, with team members coast to coast.

“Without Bill’s marketing guidance and efforts, the NAVIS brand wouldn’t be where it is today.”
— Kyle Buehner, CEO - NAVIS.
“I highly recommend Bill Schlosser for his skills in brand marketing. He also has a broad background in all areas of product marketing. He has a great personality and is always smiling. Great communicator.”
— Koy Cook, Formerly Senior Director, Marketing and Long Range Planning - Motorola