Do You Really Know Your Brand?

Managers are so busy with their day-to-day activities they rarely, if at all, take the time to step back and look at their brand from a fresh perspective. To do so, however, can be quite revealing, and is certainly worth devoting the time and resources for a thorough, objective brand analysis.

Do you deliver on your brand promise? Are you relentless at trying to maximize your customer’s experience of your products and services? Do you routinely ask your customers what they think of your brand? What do you do with the answers?

In addition to the core promise of your brand, there are many intangibles that need to be addressed and adjusted as time goes on if your brand is to stay relevant:

  1. Who uses your brand? – the type of person
  2. How is your brand used? – the situations
  3. What is your brand personality? – funny, strong, competent, exciting
  4. What emotions does your brand elicit? – fun, caring, friendly, romantic
  5. What market conditions affect your brand? – airfare, gas, food, taxes

The better you know your brand, the more successful you will be at communicating your brand, which will add to your top line revenue and make you more successful.

Excerpts: Harvard Business Review, The Brand Report Card, Kevin Lane Keller