What is Your Vacation Rental Brand Message?

Too many people think their brand is their logo. Certainly, the logo represents the brand. But your brand is so much more than that. Your brand message is communicated at every touch point with your customers.

For vacation rental companies, your guests gain impressions of your brand (intended or unintended) before they check in, during the check in process, and after they leave. Every offline and online communication, every interaction with your staff, everything has an impact on how they feel about your business.

What you are communicating is your promise to them. It might be an exceptional level of service, attention to every detail of their vacation, a luxurious property, amazing views, fun activities - maybe all of these.

Whatever your promise, you had better deliver or you may never see those customers again. Worse yet, they may share their "undelivered" experience with both their real and digital friends. Yikes!

Want a strong brand? Deliver on what you promise.