Wanna Play With The Big Boys?

Just saw the listing of the 100 largest global marketers in the Dec 7 issue of Advertising Age. It shows the 2014 worldwide media spend ranked from 1 to 100. Wow, it’s a little mind boggling what companies are having to spend to build their brands around the world.

Would you be surprised to know that Procter & Gamble tops the list with a whopping $10.1 billion in media spending? Yes, billion. They are out spending the #2 company by nearly $3 billion. The top 10 include several car and food companies. By the time you get down to Apple at #30, the spending has dropped to $1.39 billion. It’s a very interesting list to peruse. All 100 companies combined bought $131 billion in media in 2014. Holy agency commission, Batman.

I find this interesting because it puts things into perspective and shows the depth of pockets that are needed to gain consumer awareness in this day and age.

So when you’re deciding what and how much of your market you want to dominate, be sure you know what it might take to make that happen.