Positioning - The Most Ignored Aspect of Marketing

What is positioning? It’s what your market thinks of your company. It goes beyond product and includes intangibles like what you deliver versus what you promise, trust, customer relationships, reputation, and emotions. It’s usually the first thing that comes to mind when your company name is mentioned. It might be your product that people think of, but often it’s something relating to that person’s most recent interaction with your company – their most recent image.

This is why you and everyone else in your company need a clear understanding of exactly how your company wants to be positioned. If you want to be the WOW company, then you had better WOW your customers at every opportunity – not just once in awhile. If you want people to think of you as having the most knowledgeable people in the industry, then you need to demonstrate that at every opportunity.

Positioning requires strategy, communication, alignment, time, consistency, repetition and repetition. When your customers “get it” then you will have succeeded.