Marketing Is Like Playing The Guitar

I was playing my guitar today (that’s my 40-year old Ovation Legend in the photo) and it occurred to me how similar marketing is to playing the guitar. That’s right, I’m pretty much thinking about marketing all the time. It’s a curse.

Too many marketers focus on one aspect of marketing, like playing a single note on a guitar. See where I’m going? They focus on social media, thinking that will bring them success. Or they focus on SEO and their website, or just a single big ad. You can certainly play music with single notes, but the end result is going to be rather shallow, incomplete, and frankly, won’t rank high on the charts.

Great marketing is a symphony of notes, full of chords and multiple notes playing simultaneously. Just like the guitar, you need to include everything when you want your marketing to be successful.

When your digital marketing is working in conjunction with your direct marketing; when your online ads are working in conjunction with your print ads; when your social media is in harmony with your website…it’s a beautiful thing.

So pick up all of your marketing instruments and let’s make some great music.