The Secret of Marketing - Shhhh!

I’m about to reveal the secret of great marketing. I may lose my official membership card and decoder ring to the Federation of Marketers, but here goes…

Great marketing is all about RELEVANCE.

There, I said it. Boy, it feels good to finally get that secret off my chest. Seriously, after seeing so many irrelevant marketing campaigns come across my screen, it sometimes seems like Relevance really is a secret.

I will acknowledge that just about every marketer knows the importance of relevance. The fact is, however, most marketers don’t focus on it nearly enough.

Why is Relevance so important? Whether it’s email or direct mail, the list you use is responsible for roughly 75% of the success of your campaign.

If you send the most creative marketing campaign in the history of man, with the most attractive offer in the history of man, to a group of people who have no interest in what you’re talking about, your campaign will be the most expensive failure in the history of man.

On the other hand, you can send a mediocre piece of creative with a mediocre message to a highly targeted audience and it’s going to do pretty well.

Now imagine a highly creative campaign, with a great offer, sent to a highly targeted and interested audience. Why…your results graph will poke a hole in the top of your monitor.

So, stop sending discount coupons for steaks to vegans, children’s diaper offers to empty nesters, and retirement club specials to millennials. Know your audience. Whether it’s demographics, geographics, functional titles, activity interests, etc., be sure to match your audience with your message.

Next time, I’ll reveal the secret marketing handshake.