Top Advertisers

Advertising Age has just released their list of top advertisers in the U.S. for 2014 and the figures are astounding, considering we're talking billions of dollars for many of them. You have to get down to #39 before the amount spent drops under a billion - which happens to be the U.S. Government, who spent $979.5 million (a 19% increase over 2013).

U.S. Top 6 Ad Spenders 2014

So where do some of the other companies fall, who are almost equally famous as the top 6?

Other U.S. Top Ad Spenders 2014

What I find interesting are the budgets involved. When I was at Motorola, I had a $5 million ad budget and thought I was hot stuff. But the companies mentioned above spend more than that on their coffee every year.

As a marketer, I find this data helps to put things into perspective when a client says "I want to dominate the market" and in the same breath tell you their marketing budget is $5,000. Good luck with that.