What Is It About Good Marketing?

What makes marketing good? As marketers, we’ve all asked that question. As consumers, we don’t usually think of marketing that way. It’s sort of like Computer-Generated Images in movies. If you can tell it’s CGI, or if the fact that it’s CGI distracts you from the story, then the movie-maker has failed since you should not really “see” CGI. It should blend in with the story seamlessly.

Such is the nature of good marketing. If you think you’re being marketed to, up go your shields and you’re immediately put off. But good marketing is stealthy and plays to our emotions in ways that appeal to us and tell us something about the product in an entertaining or engaging way.

Here are 5 examples of what I’m talking about – great ads that get the point across in a unique way that don't feel like we’re being marketed to.

This is fun stuff.

Good Ads