New Brand Marketing Audit Firm To Help Vacation Rental Management Companies Analyze The Effectiveness of Their Brand Communications 

Dr Brando Services Define Brands, Bring Internal Alignment and Focus External Communications On The Intended Brand Message

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Huntsville, AL – January 20, 2015 – A new brand marketing audit firm, Dr Brando, has opened its doors with the goal of helping vacation rental management companies determine how well they are communicating their brand message. Founded by Bill Schlosser, formerly vice president of marketing at NAVIS, Dr Brando has developed a comprehensive process for defining client brands, determining alignment of their brand with internal organizations and analyzing the effectiveness of pre-stay, mid-stay and post-stay communications as they pertain to their overall brand message.

“Most companies don’t even know what their brand message is,” said Bill Schlosser, brand master at Dr Brando. “So an important phase of the brand audit process is to carefully define the client’s brand and make sure that everyone in their organization lives and breathes it every day. Without that top-to-bottom cohesive brand focus, you cannot expect your target consumer to see your brand the way you intended.”

Dr Brando provides an objective analysis that is atypical of many marketing firms who often convince clients their marketing is deficient just so they can take it over. Since Dr Brando does not offer marketing services to fix any deficiencies revealed by the analysis, clients can be assured the conclusions are objective and accurately reflect the condition of their brand.

About Dr Brando

Dr Brando is a brand marketing audit firm that focuses on the vacation rental management industry. The goal of the brand marketing audit services provided is to evaluate the effectiveness of the client’s brand message communications. This includes brand definition, internal alignment, pre-stay communications, registration communications, and post-stay communications as well as local and in-property communications. Dr Brando’s website is now available at