The Brand Audit PROCESS

To grow your brand, you must first know your brand. The team at Dr Brando will help you identify and measure your brand, and determine how effectively your marketing is communicating your brand.

Brand Profile

This is the most important phase of the brand analysis process - the definition of your brand. What is it about your brand that differentiates you from your competitors? How do you position your brand in your market? The answers to these questions don't always come easily and can often spark great internal debate. Maybe you haven't asked yourself these questions before. If not, now is the time to develop a clear brand definition, for if you don't know what your brand communicates, how can you expect your market to get it?


Internal Alignment

Everyone on your team will be asked about your brand and your brand message. This can be a very eye-opening exercise that reveals differences in your team's understanding of your brand. Both your executive team and your associates will be queried to identify their knowledge of your brand. In addition, your key suppliers will also be asked about your brand as they can play an important role in brand perception.


Pre-Contract Communications

This is where your marketing plays a major role. Every touch point with your prospects represents an opportunity to amplify your brand (or diminish it). During this phase, the most complex of them all, we will evaluate your brand messaging across various elements of your communications, including:

  1. Website(s)
  2. Inbound Calls
  3. Outbound Calls
  4. Collateral
  5. Emails
  6. Campaigns
  7. Online Advertising
  8. Offline Advertising
  9. Reviews
  10. Public Relations

Post-Contract Communications

This is where the rubber meets the road - when we find out what your customers think of your brand. What are their perceptions? What type of communications are you using to affirm their decision to purchase from you? How effectively are you delivering on your brand promise? Are you continuing to position your brand with your customers, after the sale?



Following a thorough analysis of all the data collected, the conclusions and recommendations are developed. To maintain objectivity, Dr Brando will not suggest you change your advertising or other marketing only to turn around and offer those services. This is a frequent tactic of many marketing agencies and would not be ethical. Rather, Dr Brando will suggest changes for your team or others to execute. This way, you can be confident that changes suggested by Dr Brando are not self serving, but instead are honest, objective and in your best interest.

However, should you want Dr Brando's help adjusting your marketing, we are happy to do so. Please see our Branding and Creative pages for more information.